The Joys of Junk Journaling

by Theresa Conway-Hayes - The Stampin' Bookkeeper, October 10, 2022
What is a Junk Journal?

A junk journal is typically a book made up of all different types of papers and material, that might otherwise have ended up in the trash - hence being called a "junk" journal.

It's such a great way to use up old papers, magazines, leaflets scrapbooking papers, envelopes, and even wrapping paper.

How do you use a Junk Journal?

At first glance, a junk journal can seem nearly impossible to use. The pages are already full of text and images which makes them completely different from any type of journal or notebook that you might buy in a shop. It's one of my favorite types of the journal and I believe there are lots of fun ways to turn it into a really lovely and useful journal.

How do you Make a Junk Journal?

You can find lots of YouTube videos on how to make your junk journals. I’ll include links to my channel as well as some of the favorites that I learn from.

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