Techniques with Theresa - Wax Paper Resist Embossing

by Theresa Conway-Hayes - The Stampin' Bookkeeper, October 15, 2022

Wax Paper Resist Embossing


1.     Cut wax paper to fit a folder and emboss exactly the same way you would emboss any card or paper. 

2.     Heat an iron to very hot, as hot as you can get it, and do not use steam. 

3.     Layer the embossed wax paper between two pieces of card cut to size. 

4.     Place a sheet of copy paper over the top.

5.     Press the hot iron on the top and use as much pressure as you can. Be careful not to displace the layers at this point. 

6.     Remove iron, copy paper, and wax paper – your card is now ready for inking. 

7.     Reveal the pattern by inking – the wax acts as a resist. 

8.     After inking, polish with a soft cloth or tissue to remove any ink that is laying on top of the waxed areas.

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